Anonymous asked:
whats ur sign?


Anonymous asked:
bruh. on god himself your profile shit gives me life. your beautiful dawg.

lol thank you. 

Anonymous asked:
are you a freak or nah?

ask my boyfriend

Anonymous asked:
I'm curious. whats your definition of being in "love"?

being in love? everybody feels something different i guess. with me, i feel like my nigga is all mine. i think about him all the time, dream about him, try to show him affection any way i can. and when im around him, even if were fighting, theres nooone id would rather be with. 

Anonymous asked:
Shit, where in the fuck have you been all my life. You sexy as shit.


Awe thank you

Yall know he has A WIFE right? not girlfriend, a WIFE. 

Anonymous asked:
you mines now, fuk that bitch


You girls bold asf on here lol

yall BITCHESS need to chill

Anonymous asked:
Break up with that nigga you with, you already fucked him up from your previous question. Come this way, I'll show you what you need shawty

lol nah im good. my & bae good

Anonymous asked:
you & yo nigga look like yall be fucking lol and yu seem like the freakiest

lol yall need to chill. omg 


teen quotes, following everyone back

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Piggy Back Ride 😘



Guwop drinkin straight out the bottle.


Wake and bake ?


My type of bouquet.

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